6 piece Artisan Snack Packs  (Custom Selection) - Solasta Chocolate, Vancouver

6 piece Artisan Snack Packs (Custom Selection)

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This set includes 6 pouches of artisan snack packs makes for delicious snacks or a beautiful gift set.

Please let us know in the note section of the checkout which packs you would like. 

Spanish Marcona Almonds Approx weight 65g

Candied Fijian Ginger Cubes Approx weight 65g

Maple Pecan and Sea Salt  Dark Chocolate Approx weight 55g 

Candied Orange Peels with Dark Chocolate Approx weight 45g

Almonds and Dark Chocolate Approx weight 55g

Please note: If you do not select the flavours we will randomly pick 6 packages.