About Us

Our Inspiration

Everything we do begins with our passion for giving back to the community, our love of art and our desire to create amazing chocolate. We believe that businesses should give back to the community.

We give back to the community by supporting local charities and a percentage of our profits goes to BC SPCA and OWL RESCUE. 

We are inspired by our natural surroundings and design visually stunning chocolates that reflect the beautiful patterns and colors found in nature. Located in a culturally diverse region, our chocolates are a mix of classic and contemporary concepts using a wide range of local and international flavors.  

Our Promise

Solasta Chocolate is a innovative artisan chocolate company based in Vancouver, Canada. We use high quality ingredients to ensure you get the best tasting confections. 

Sustainability is important to us: we only use cacao produced ethically and sustainably. We try to support local farmers by sourcing our ingredients locally whenever possible.

Why Solasta Chocolate?

Solasta Chocolate means "bright" and "illuminous".  Our chocolates are inspired by all elements of West Coast scenery including beautiful colours from breathtaking views of the ocean and mountains, beaches, majestic rain forest and wildlife.

Our Founders

Martin Gregorian - Head Chocolatier

Head Chocolatier, Martin Gregorian has a keen interest in baking and trying new foods from around the world since a young age. Photography, travel and food have influenced his career and life path. Before starting Solasta Chocolate, Martin was a professional photographer for over 10 years and founded a successful award winning photography company. Martin travels extensively - photographing dramatic landscapes and experiencing new cultures and foods. In 2016 Martin completed a professional Chocolatier program. Bringing together the love of art, travel and chocolate, Martin embarked on his new adventure of creating Solasta Chocolate in 2016. Martin continues to plan to travel the world and bring back exotic flavors to create amazing tasting chocolates.    

Rosaline Choy - VP

Rosaline is the VP of Marketing and Business Development. She leads the marketing, brand development, and strategic planning aspects of Solasta Chocolate.  She is also responsible for research and innovation, and seeks to incorporate new flavours experienced from her and Martin’s travels into new chocolate creations.