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Artisan Baking Chocolate (Custom Selection)

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This set includes 6 pouches of gourmet baking chocolate.

Make amazing baked goods with the most gourmet baking chocolate available! Caramel white chocolate, macadamia nuts cookies anyone?! 

Please let us know in the note section of the checkout which packs you would like. 

Caramelized White Chocolate Approx weight 80g

White Chocolate 28% Approx weight 80g

Belgium Milk Chocolate 41% Approx weight 80g 

Belgium Vegan Dark Chocolate 54% Approx weight 80g

Belgium No Sugar added Dark Chocolate 54% Approx weight 80g *Maltitol is used as sugar substitute.

Belgium Dark Chocolate 70% Approx weight 80g

Please note: If you do not select the flavours we will randomly pick 6 packages.